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Autoworkers and All Americans Are Worth Subsidizing

Excellent piece in the and its workers brings to the fore several questions.

- Should the United States government help American companies like GM by subsidizing the health insurance of employees?

- Should the government reward innovations that benefit the national war effort for the environment and alternative energy?

Sure, we have not yet declared war for a sustainable environment and the development of alternative energy; most of our domestic wars are ostensibly waged against something: Drugs and so forth.

How about a war for the environment and alternative energy? For full employment?

The 2,700-word piece illustrates well the desperation of and passion working people have for: Working.

Said ... Andy Richardson, who recently took office as the new president of (UAW) Local 95. &;If G.M. wants to build lawn chairs in Janesville, we’ll do it,&; he said.

Beyond the make-believe, free market world of the Republicans who like McCain think buy-American initiatives are a "disgrace" lies the reality of a shattered community with families facing financial oblivion. "Community and political leaders from Janesville have pleaded with G.M. management to consider putting a new, small car into the plant. Workers don’t expect that to happen, though, and they see little hope of a reprieve," reports the NYT piece.

A reprieve, a Manhattan-Project size regearing of industry and the social contract that recognizes the reality that those who want to work are, as LBJ used to say, worth the risk and deserving of the respect of going to the well with.

That respect has gone missing the last seven years. - via


October 26, 2008 - 3:29pm