Ask Judicial Comission to act now on Ziegler case

It has been widely reported that Washington County Circuit Judge Annette Ziegler presided over cases in which she had conflicts of interest. Rather than abide by the rules she chose to stay on those cases without informing the parties.

The nonpartisan watchdog group the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission regarding Ziegler's conflicts and her violations of clear judicial rules.

The commission is not set to take up the matter until after the April 3rd election, when Ziegler will be on the ballot as a candidate for the State Supreme Court. Wisconsin voters should not be asked to make a choice on that date with this ethical cloud hanging over Ziegler's head.

One Wisconsin Now Action has launched a petition to ask the Judicial Commission to act now, before the election.


March 23, 2007 - 6:40pm