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September 24, 2017
A man called ove poster

We often forget that the opportunity to travel the world is in our own backyard. There are many completely under-used opportunities in the arts in the Chippewa Valley, and it is our intention to point some of those out.

For years my wife and I have subscribed to the UW Eau Claire International Film Series and Campus Films. This is an incredible bargain. Every year the series features films that are compelling, heartrending, or hilarious from around the world, and frankly are films that we get no opportunity to see in theatres in the area. Yesterday we went to see A Man Called Ove, a Swedish film that was nominated for two Academy Awards and is one of the most-viewed Swedish films in history. The film was charming, sad, and rib-ticklingly funny.  I recommend the film highly  but in a larger realm I recommend the film series.

We often go to films in the series that should be seen by more people and am saddened to see the very small attendance at the movies. The film series is $7 for an individual or $14 for a family - so you can see the entire series for about the price of a first-run film in the local theatres. Most films are shown at the Woodland Theater, which is very comfortable and has first-rate video projection facilities (though I miss film - more on that another time).  We have started to import the film series and other events of general interest from UWEC into our own calendar - from there you can go find the events at the UWEC web site. Some of the Campus Films are presented by the International Film Series, and others are presented by the UAC as general films of interest. They're all great, and they also sponsor the Annual Eau Queer Film Festival - all highly recommended.

A Man Called Ove Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Rolf Lassgård Movie

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