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Creative Economy Week Kicks Off

May 14, 2017 - 11:13am
Creative Economy Week Kickoff

Eau Claire's Creative Economy Week kicked off on Saturday with a panel discussion about the state of the creative economy in Eau Claire. The panel included Al Ross from Wisconsin Public Radio as moderator, Mike Schatz, the Economic Development Director of Eau Claire, Kristin Dexter, future owner of Forage in Eau Claire, B. J. Hollars, founder of the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild and author, Greg Johnson, owner of Artisan Forge Studios, Dale Peters, City Manager of Eau Claire, and Nick Poss, owner and instructor at the Eau Claire Music School. It was an entertaining and far-reaching discusison - but I'll let you listen for yourselves. More Creative Economy Week events are scheduled for the rest of the week.

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