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Attending a Virtual Career trek (mailto:https://uwsuper.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEtdumqrj0oHNP_Fjchde4n...) is an opportunity:• to engage with industry professionals• expand your network• increase your awareness of career possibilitiesYou can build connections that will help with your job search AND discover potential career paths that you might not have considered. It's a unique chance to learn about a company of interest, any job or internship opportunities they have available, and what they might look for in candidates that apply.The Virtual Career Treks will be hosted every Wednesday at 2 p.m.Learn more about Kenosha Unified School District: http://www.kusd.edu/ (http://www.kusd.edu/)The Kenosha Unified School District is located in Kenosha, WI and was created in 1967. The District includes the City of Kenosha, Village of Pleasant Prairie, and Town and Village of Somers. While it is called the Kenosha Unified School District, it is actually a common school district and holds an annual meeting of electors. Our school district consists of: 23 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3 high schools, 4 charter schools, 3 choice schools, 1 specialty school & 1 Head Start child development center. Industry: Education

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Mar 31 2021 - 2:00pm to 2:30pm