Student EDI Training: The Voice of Protest Against Stereotypes in the Music of Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983) and Paintings of Marie Laurencin (1883-1956) | WisCommunity


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I will present my research on the impact of gender bias on the works of these two women artists as well as the interrelationships among music, art, and society. During her exile in Spain, Marie Laurencin met Japanese poet Daigaku Horiguchi who translated her poetry (she was also a poet in addition to being a painter) into Japanese. A line of her poetry is particularly illuminating with regard to her work: "Worse than being dead/even more pathetic/is being a forgotten woman." Unfortunately, both Tailleferre (who was often called the "Marie Laurencin for the ear") and Laurencin still suffer the same fate as they did when they were alive. Their legacies are shamefully underrepresented in art/music history. Both artists were French. This session will be presented by Kim Namji via Zoom. Please copy and paste the link to your browser to participate: ( Meeting ID: 824 6979 7369 Passcode: 780007RSVP link - ( Learn more at (


Apr 21 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Virtual - Zoom