PDE Program: Practicing Pronouns | WisCommunity

This program will teach participants about pronouns that they may not be familiar with so that they are better equipped to navigate and engage with their peers here at UWEC by recognizing the importance of respecting individuals' personal pronouns. This workshop will be facilitated by Anna George in Centennial 2904. Participants will receive  a Tier 2 credit towards their EDI Certificate.RSVP link - https://studentedi.apps.uwec.edu/workshops/8038/register (https://studentedi.apps.uwec.edu/workshops/8038/register) Learn more at http://uwec.presence.io/event/pde-program-practicing-pronouns-2 (http://uwec.presence.io/event/pde-program-practicing-pronouns-2)

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Oct 22 2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Centennial 2904