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This program is designed to encourage participants to develop a cohesive understanding of derogatory & stereotypical portrayals in media by analyzing various advertisements. The workshop will be facilitated by Josh Holness and Scout McKnight in Centennial Hall 1917 by the request of Caitlin Harrington. Delta Zeta Sorority members will have to register for the program here in order to get their EDI Certificate Tier 2 Credit.RSVP link - https://studentedi.apps.uwec.edu/workshops/8033/register (https://studentedi.apps.uwec.edu/workshops/8033/register) Learn more at http://uwec.presence.io/event/pde-program-exposed (http://uwec.presence.io/event/pde-program-exposed)

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Nov 11 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Centennial 1917