PDE Program: Equity v. Equality | WisCommunity

This program is designed to educate participants on the difference/similarities of equity & equality and how to utilize them to better understand the necessities of certain members in our society. This workshop will be facilitated by Josh Holness In Centennial  1204. Students who participate will receive a Tier 2 credit towards their EDI Certificate.RSVP link - https://studentedi.apps.uwec.edu/workshops/8035/register (https://studentedi.apps.uwec.edu/workshops/8035/register) Learn more at http://uwec.presence.io/event/pde-program-equity-v-equality (http://uwec.presence.io/event/pde-program-equity-v-equality)

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Sep 22 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Centennial 1204