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Dr. Rushit Dave of Computer Science will be presenting, "Continuous  Authentication Using Mouse Dynamics Based on Machine & Deep Learning Algorithms" as part of the ORSP Faculty Forum Series. One would think that with the current strength of general cybersecurity - such as encrypted passwords, two-factor authentication, and increased public knowledge about online safety – that devastating attacks of both small and large scales are rare and extremely difficult. However, as the field of cybersecurity has evolved, so have the attacks used by nefarious users to crack security protocols. Therefore, this research aims to utilize the strength and capacity of a deep machine learning algorithms for user classification and furthermore to exhibit its potential to improve the security of our volatile and ever changing cyberspace to classify distinct users based on their mouse dynamics.

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Nov 3 2021 - 12:10pm to 12:50pm
Vicky Lord Larsen 1142 (CETL Lobby)