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Dr. Kristin Schaupp of Philosophy & Religious Studies will be presenting "Risky Consensus: What Engineering Disasters Tell Us about the Epistemology & Ethics of Collective Decision-Making Procedures among Professionals" as part of the ORSP Faculty Forum Series. The decision-making process that led up to the explosion of NASA's Challenger Space Shuttle has long puzzled members of both the scientific and non-scientific communities. Recent work on disagreement and consensus provides new insight into how apparent consensus proceedings encouraged silence and obscured the nature and extent of the dissent, thus allowing its significance to be undervalued and dismissed. Not only does this research yield a more complete understanding of factors leading to disasters such as the Challenger, Columbia, and Boeing 737Max, it highlights what is at stake and helps us to identify specific guidelines for good epistemic practice among those who engage in collective decision-making.

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Nov 10 2021 - 12:10pm to 12:50pm
Vicky Lord Larsen 1142 (CETL Lobby)