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Attracting Top Talent from the Generational ContinuumDon’t ignore the value of employing workers from across the generational continuum. Top talent can be found from across five distinct generations (matures, baby boomers, Gener-ation X, millennials, and Generation Z). Hear about what they are looking for in an employer and how it changes based on their generation.________________________________________________ A challenge for Chippewa Valley employers is finding top talent to fill their position openings. Currently, the competition for top talent is in-tense as baby boomers retire and fewer people enter the workforce. With more job openings than candidates to fill them, organizations need to start strategizing about the best ways to at-tract and retain talent. These free workshops will feature panel discussions centered around seeking out new and underutilized segments of the labor force.Free workshops are being presented in partner-ship with the UW-Eau Claire Management and Marketing Department, Continuing Education, and PESI.

Ojibwe Ballroom C, Davies Center

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February 27, 2019 - 7:30am to 9:00am
Davies Center