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In this event, the Hmong Living Community Advisory board will be hosting an event called HLC History Night. This event is taken place in the Governors Hall TV Lounge on November 8th. The advisory board will be talking about the history of HLC, and how it came to be. This event will benefit the HLC members a lot to know how the past members fought and build HLC to become as how it is today. After this talk, HLC will be hosting an activity as the end to conclude the discussion. Residents who live on the HLC 3rd and 4th floor of east wing are encouraged and welcome to join in this event.Learn more at http://uwec.presence.io/event/hlc-history-night (http://uwec.presence.io/event/hlc-history-night)

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Nov 8 2021 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Governors Hall TV Lounge