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Caught Green Handed (CGH) Residents Hall Competition 2021! CGH is a residence hall competition aiming to raise awareness about sustainability actions in everyday life, especially recycling and recycling correctly. Residents of each hall accumulate "Green Points" via several ways (i.e., sustainability-related events, presentations, seminars, interactive activities, etc.), and the hall with the highest Green Points will be crowned champion for the year's CGH competition, with a grand prize awarded to the residents of the winning hall. It is a competition that also takes place in other universities around March – April. SEEDs and Eco Reps will be hosting the Caught Green Handed competition from April 5th- April 30th.The resident's hall with the most "Green Points" at the end of the competition will win an award for the entire hall. "Green Points" will be awarded through: §  Sustainability programs run by SEED (i.e., a hall requesting for a program from SEED will be awarded a certain number of points); 10pts  §  Following the uwec_housingsustainability page: 5pts §  Participating in the Just Bag It Fashion Show; 20pts  §  Zero contamination in the hall's recycling bins. 5pts per day checked  §  Sustainability related decoration; 5pts Learn more at (


Apr 9 2021 (All day)
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