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Aren't Wiccans soldiers too?

I somehow find the whole concept a little bewildering. Even having buried my father a few years ago wtih a veterans grave marker, I didn&;t somehow realize that the bovernment needs to approve whatever religious marks you have put on the headstone.

Now today I see about a Wiccan soldier whose family is trying to have a pentacle put on his military grave marker, which the Department of Veterans Affairs is currently considering as a possibility for the first time.

Now I can understand that this is probably not a request that comes up as often as most religions, but I can&;t understand why there&;s a lot to consider here. Someone who dies for his country under any circumstances (in this case, killed when his helicopter was shot dowin in Afghanistan) deserves the right to declare his belief in any sort of religion, whether it is practiced by lots of us or a few. I&;m not really sure what anyone is afraid of here - people believe in what they believe in, and often want to make one last declaration of their beliefs when they die. I don&;t think the government should be in the business of deciding which beliefs are on the approved list.


May 27, 2006 - 12:45pm