April 14th Event in Western Wisconsin Will Draw Environmentalists to Sinsinawa Mound

Careful readers of The New York Times may have noticed last that an intriguing climate change event is scheduled on Saturday, April 14th, at the bucolic Mississippi River retreat center at Sinsinawa Mound.

The event, a conference, is being sponsored by the Madison-based environmental group Clean Wisconsin, and the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Mound, located near Hazel Green in southwestern Wisconsin.

The conference will be one of nearly 900 varied national climate change gatherings and rallies scheduled so far on April 14th.

This national action chain is the brainchild of William Mr. McKibben, an author, long-time environmental philosopher and activist.

The Wisconsin event, on regional global warming and water issues, will feature Mike Tidwell, whose book, Bayou Farewell, predicted tragic consequences if a large hurricane were to hit New Orleans.

Other experts, including staffers from Clean Wisconsin, will give talks and conduct workshops on media, activism and other subjects.

To get more information and register, visit either or the Domincan Sisters site.

As they say: April 14th - - Save The Day.


March 19, 2007 - 12:35am