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Conservationists Launch ‘Field Guide to Taking Back Wisconsin’

May 1, 2018 - 9:33am

Campaign outlines depth of Walker’s damage to state, provides path to election wins

MADISON – Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters today launched its , a comprehensive guide to defeating Scott Walker and restoring conservation principles and democracy in the state.

From Foxconn to unsafe drinking water to the Great Lakes, voters are voicing concern about their environment and taking it to the polls. This year started with a stunning victory for the environment when Patty Schachtner beat anti-conservation lawmaker Rep. Adam Jarchow in a special election.

The Field Guide will advance this growing momentum by demonstrating in explicit detail how far has moved away from principles of conservation and democracy. It provides a to help guide voters toward a better Wisconsin. And, it provides a so gubernatorial candidates can publicly dedicate themselves to conservation principles.

“We have field guides for identifying birds, fish, trees, flowers, and more. It’s time for a field guide that shows us how to make sure those things – as well as our drinking water, air, lakes, rivers, and more – are protected in Wisconsin,” said executive director Kerry Schumann. “Sadly, when we began to list all the ways in which Gov. Walker has harmed our environment, we realized we had a book’s worth of content.”

The Field Guide is a living document. Each week we will release more content detailing ways in which Gov. Walker has damaged our water, air, and land – until voters take back Wisconsin in November.

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