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An actual Democrat challenges Clarke for sheriff

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a Bill O'Reilly-Rush Limbaugh conservative Republican who posed as a Democrat to get elected, will have a challenger in the Democratic primary in September. Hallelujah!

He's Chris Moews, left, a homicide lieutenant and 14-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department.

He's a career law enforcement officer and lifelong county resident who grew up in Wauwatosa and Greendale, graduated from UW-Milwaukee, and now lives in the city in Jackson Park. He started his career as a cop in Fox Point, so he has the county pretty well covered.

If I had one campaign I ran that I could take back, it would be David Clarke's first run for sheriff, after being appointed by Acting Gov. Scott McCallum. When Clarke looked me in the eye and told me what he stood for, what he wanted to do as sheriff, how he wanted to run the department and treat the employees, and that he was running as a Democrat against McCallum's wishes, I believed him. None of what he told me was true.

I don't know enough about Moews to judge what kind of campaign he'll run or what his chances are of winning a primary, but with the Republicans occupied with their own dogfight in the governor's race there could be an opportunity.

I'll want to know more. But I wrote a small check today. I know he's a Democrat, has already spoken at the county party's meeting, and he's not David Clarke. That's good enough for me.

His website looks like an early work in progress, but check it out.


June 3, 2010 - 8:17pm