50-State Blog Roundup 8/10/2007

Welcome to this week's roundup, brought to you by Clem G. of . So much for August a slow news month... there's plenty to dig into here.
Of Special Note
* Congratulations to The Albany Project. As Phillip Anderson puts it,

I'd have to say the highlight of our week was
to congratulate us on a great convention in Chicago and inform our
readers that he will soon be starting a regular liveblogging gig at The
Albany Project.

* MyLeftNutmeg recaps
of the one year anniversary of Ned Lamont's primary victory. Lamont's
victory, showing Democrats the power of embracing the Democratic Party,
led directly to our 2008 general election gains.


Social, Economic and Environmental Justice
* Wasatch Watcher asks:
* Square State has the sad story of .
* RI Future to oppose a same sex marriage dispute in the RI Supreme Court.
* Yoda of PrairieStateBlue .
* BlueMassGroup discusses the .
* Left In The West has the (it's shaping up to be a bad one).
* BlueHampshire
on the need for substantive debate on predatory lending and mortgage
servicing fraud (as well as the frustrations of being a citizen prop
for a Presidential campaign). * At TexasKaos the look into capital punishment rates and wonder .
All Politics are Local
* It's impossible to keep up with everything in a huge state like California. For a one two stop hit of top stories, visit Calitics for this week's and highlight of .
* Burnt Orange Report : .
* Don't let the Republicans find out, but Green Mountain Daily lets slip the news that .
* KeyStone Politics has the disappointing news of .
On Blogging
*PrairieStateBlue .
* Bleeding Heartland . Interesting question. What do you think?
* Turn Maine Blue lays down some .
* The Daily Gotham .
Candidates and Elections
* My Silver State (with video) by Obama to Elko.
* West Virginia Blue may have long coat-tails with straight party ticket voting in West Virginia in 2008.
* Wasatch Watcher reports:
* Check out and a at Michigan Liberal.
* AZ Netroots . Why isn't there a Democratic challenger yet for AZ-01?
* In FLA Politics announces a network of blogs to, well, watch the right in Florida!
* Tondee's Tavern is pleased .
* At Blue Indiana, diaries about his formal announcement of candidacy.
* Daily Kingfish to conclude... Jindal can be beaten.
* Blue Jersey
* BlueNC has some cool news.
* Jerid .
* at Blue Oklahoma.
* Horse's Ass (WA) reminds us all why
Politicians, Governing and Mis-Governing
* From Michigan Liberal: the is .
* Left In Alabama points out the self-serving nature of the .
* Susan Collins (ME) is caught at Turn Maine Blue holding .
* Free State Politics reminds us, it's not too early to start thinking about
* What is the connection between Peter Smith, Tim Pawlenty, and the I35 bridge collapse?
* Fired Up! Missouri wonders .
* is the highlight at AsOhioGoes.
* Upitty Wisconsin finds .
* At West Virginia Blue to what vulnerable
Republican Rep. Capito (WV-02) does than what she says.


August 10, 2007 - 4:50pm