50 State Blog Roundup 7/20/2007

Which bookstore will you be visiting at midnight tonight?
Would you be surprised to learn that only one presidential candidate
has played the Harry Potter card so far?
Either way, here are some updates from around the 50-State Blog
Network, brought to you this week from 's Joe Bodell.


emerges in Alabama's First congressional district. Ben Lodmell may be
shaking things up a bit in Alabama Democratic Party circles.


A on terrorism. Ugh.


(R-Roseville) in what can only be described as a ticking clock until his indictment.


Colorado's congressional representatives
of SCHIP reauthorization. What's SCHIP? "State Children's Health
Insurance Program". Kick the kids while they're down, right Mr.

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Thank you Ed Koch, ...at least you're being reasonable enough to admit that your support for continued American presence in Iraq was wrong-headed.

Delaware Liberal's Jason Scott on his Iraq policies.


Christine Jennings, would-be Congresswoman but for 18,000 Diebolded undervotes in Sarasota County in 2006, . Go Jennings!


State Senator John Douglas gets pulled over by a off-duty cop for
erratic driving. After being let go with no ticket, Douglas threatens
the city he will hold up grant funding opportunities and local
legislation next session. .

on veto overrides -- an interesting read.


That repeated whacking noise is 43rd State Blues' shoe against Sen. Larry Craig's noggin on


Illinois activists are looking at Congressional seats in 2008. In IL-6,
is gaining increased prominance after Tammy Duckworth opted not to
challenge Peter Roskam for a second time. In IL-10, Dan Seals was named
at YearlyKos, but don't forget .

Republican Governor + Trickle-down Reagan-style economics = . Pretty simple, actually.


I'll have to work on getting Amy Klobuchar to guest-post on MNCR,
but until then, I'll be in awe of Bleeding Heartland and Iowa Sen. Tom
Harkin's .

Republican scion Bobby Jindal has retained a political consultant with a reputation for working on losing campaigns. Sort of.

It's from earlier in the week, but Sen. Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman . Mainers -- please, please, please remember that Sen. Collins hanging out and working with Joe Lieberman in no way makes her a bipartisan get-things-done sort of Senator. Quite the contrary. Also at Turn Maine Blue, Tom Allen in his effort to unseat Collins.


Free State Politics has encouraging news for progressives in potential replacements for


A historical note on liberty, government overreach, and . Also, , with some interesting developments therein.


I am shocked -- SHOCKED!!! -- to hear word of a Republican official . If you can't win with fair rules, just change the rules, right?

Congrats to Michigan Liberal's founder, Matt Ferguson, . Good luck Matt; you'll need it.


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) can
always be counted on for a good legal complaint against political
actors who are being naughty. In this case, it's the for playing fast and easy with their retirement fund contributions and other financial shenanigans.


Cottonmouth Blog picks up on . "Effective grassroots organization", huh?

A Republican Governor ?
Oh get out! I mean....oh, forget it. Incredulity just doesn't go far
enough to cover the things these people think they can get away with.


The continuing shift toward strong protection of civil liberties
and a hands-off governmental approach to social issues continues in
Montana, courtesy of Matt Singer and Forward Montana. , too.


Nebraska's state government still finds itself beholden to the big
Telecom companies, who staunchly refuse to build large-scale,
affordable high-speed Internet access in the state -- and they're .


Welcome My Silver State aboard 50-State Cruise Lines! They have
some coverage of presidential candidates' exploits across the state: , , and .

New Hampshire
Republican Sen. John Sununu . Big. Trouble.

New Jersey

2006 was a bittersweet victory for many Democrats around the
country. For as much good as Rahm Emanuel did as head of the DCCC,
(instead of tilting at windmills in Tammy Duckworth's unsuccessful
run). Hopefully this means there's more progress to be made, and a
bigger majority to be built, in 2008.

New Mexico

Heather Wilson and .
Of course, if I were an endangered incumbent who's neck-deep in such a
horrific scandal, I wouldn't want to discuss it either.

New York
Details on a campaign finance deal reached recently in Albany -- and TAR says .

New York

coming out of NYC-area State Senate races

North Carolina

Is Sen. Liddy Dole about to break from President Bush on Iraq? ,a xhref="
the people of North Carolina have anything to say about it, she might
want to consider doing so.

North Dakota
Ouch -- the Center for Public Integrity says for its laws regarding financial disclosures for its Governor.


As Ohio Goes keeps a close eye on the statements of Sen. Voinovich and just 's conduct of the Iraq occupation.

Buckeye State Blog provides first-hand coverage of John Edward's vist to the poorest city in America . Also, read

Oklahoma has a new state poet laureate -- . Very interesting stuff!


With a recent move to SoapBlox, Loaded Orygun is up and running, .
Smith is one of the "moderates," along with Minnesota's own Norm
Coleman, who are going to be heavily targeted for removal in 2008.


Keystone Politics finds a bombshell in the midst of U.S. Attorney investigations in Penn.: .

Rhode Island
Mark Democrat Jack Reed down on the list of U.S. Senators ,a xhref="
are going to be safe as can be in 2008. Here's to hoping that if no
serious Republican opposition appears, Senator Reed will contribute
generously to Democratic challengers around the country to help build
his caucus's majority

South Dakota

Who do state officials work for? Themselves, or the people who elected them? Clean Cut Kid on exactly that topic.


It's apolitical, but ospreys are really, really, really cool birds, and . In more political events, Knox Views .

In large states like Texas, where there are lots of colleges and
universities, young voters actually can make a big difference in terms
of elections, outreach, and activism. .


Do Texas Republicans just not care about public education?


from a recent visit by Bill Richardson.

Brattleboro, VT .
You really can't make this stuff up: "Don't people have a
Constitutional right not to be offended?" ... Ah yes, the ethereal and
seldom-mentioned 0th Amendment, which read "The right not to be
offended by anything, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, shall not be abridged.
By naked people. Ever."

Raising Kaine highlight a one prominent flip-flop over the Virginia Transportation Plan in .


State Rep Rodney Tom , where Darcy Burner lost a close race to Dave Reichert in 2006.

West Virginia
West Virginia Blue notes that even as the (), incumbent Republican Shelley Moore Capito (WV-02) is enjoying an

President Bush's approval rating is 19% in Wisconsin, with . That is not a good place to be, generally (cue theme to 1980s cartoon "Captain Obvious").


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