50 State Blog Roundup 5/31/2007


Delaware Delaware Liberal Congressman on Iraq and Alberto Gonzales Hawaii Poinography! some of its prison population to Arizona. That seems cruel and unusual. New Jersey and hate to the funerals of New Jersey soldiers killed in Iraq. Louisiana Daily Kingfish .
Kudos to Senator Sharon Broome, (D-Baton Rouge), for convincing her
colleagues in the Legislature that Arts in Education works. Michigan With Michigan's university funding is up in the air . New Hampshire against Sununu the Lesser in new ARG poll. West Virginia A is going into an idle Walker Systems site. Few of those ineffective and costly incentives were needed.   New York Democrats from one of their own. Maryland David Lublin takes a look a and the tax proposals that may fix them. Indiana Does the have a readiness issue? Colorado A legislative team led by is trying to curtail excessive changes to the state's constitution. WashingtonWashBlog Alberto Gonzales gets a from those who really care about the rule of law. (Great pic!)   New Mexico in New Mexico. Georgia is approaching the 50% danger line as he gets ready to run for the U.S. Senate again. Maine Turn Maine Blue The is on the attack in Maine. Illinois ActBlue is 3, and to post this everywhere - let's give our favorite candidates some of that mother's milk. Arizona AZNetroots Turn Arizona blue..... California The is fully aflame. And Democrats cave on . Ohio (AOG) Going after in Ohio. Texas Texas A&M are having trouble controlling the biological agents in their labs. approval - get him, Texans! Iowa Keeping an eye on . Vermont Green Mountain Daily A look at Vermont's dueling bills on how to address climate change is . Rhode Island A in the 50 state roundup.Alabama by banning catfish imported from China. VirginiaRaising Kaine Some environmental progress by is applauded. Nebraska New Nebraska Network Scott Kleeb is trying to keep the in Nebraska. North Dakota BismarkDems.com Our North Dakota outpost needs an of energy and writers. chime in, people. Democracy ain't free, but blogging is! Utah Wasatch Watcher This is a repeat, but I really don't like Mitt: . And don't forget, Mitt worse than his team treats humans. Massachusetts Gore in MA. Wisconsin Uppity Wisconsin More in Wisconsin. Minnesota Joe Bodell looks at Norm Coleman's past as a toker and the on the issue. North Carolina The D-trip is going to failure to support vets in a July 4 ad blitz. Missouri tuition hit in a bill signed by Governor Blunt, son of Congressman Blunt.   Tennessee Knox Views A look at . Idaho HP is . I know where HP is hiring, and it's not in the U.S. Montana The their city to speak up on Iraq. ConnecticutLieberdem alert: Florida is causing a historic hispanic voter migration.


July 1, 2007 - 11:06pm