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50 State Blog Roundup 08/24/2007

There&;s lots of great stories from the 50 State Blog Network this week. Please take your time this weekend, pour yourself a cup of coffee (tea, or soda) and savor the reading. You&;ll be glad you did.

This week&;s Roundup is brought to you by Clem Guttata of .

Featured Items

* As Marshall said when he promoted this item, "Excellent work...this is journalism!" . Additional notes: The same item was cross-posted at . There&;s a reason to Republican politicians.

* and were all over the story of (now) resigned GOP operative Roger Stone. If you don&;t know the story, do yourself a favor and visit the two blogs that helped bring him down this week. (There&;s too many posts to pick just to link to.)

* I can&;t stress enough how devestating this is to the Appalachian region: . Learm more about .


Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

* The Bush administration&;s new restrictions on who is eligible for SCHIP could affect a .

* Matt Singer has more: ;s Health Care.

* This week marked .

* Here&;s an interesting question from Maine:

* Remember those local anti-immigrant laws that makes the news from time-to-time. They haven&;t worked out so well in .

* for putting off plans to increase dumping in Lake Michigan.

* What&;s more important? More corporate tax cuts or properly funded schools? "" tells the Republican answer in Texas.

* Remember Medicare Part D? Here&;s a .

* A good point from Delaware: ";s have some REAL economic development for a change."

* . What are they going to do about it?

* Wind power brings out .

* Not everyone has forgotten about Katrina survivors. ;s FEMA Again Lifting Wrong Finger for Katrina&;s Families.

* Learn about the .

* Crumbling infrastructure at nuclear power plants?!? Say it isn&;t so. Must see of ;s really going on at Vermont Yankee.

State, Local and Blogging News

* Mike Caulfield has a thoughtful piece, "", on the role of blogs, the early NH primary and candidate access. Here&;s an example of that candidate access, "".

* Ralph Bordie reports, "Inspired by the 50SBN, the Texas Progressive Alliance . Vince Leibowitz over at Capitol Annex hosts again this week." :-)

* Catch up on Idaho with the .

* as it catches local Republicans in Virginia trying to rewrite their inconvenient history.

* I confess my geography knowledge is a little weak sometimes... who knew: . (Why should I be surprised... by the same measure, commuter rail, West Virginia is also a DC suburb.)

Turning Red to Blue

* ;s Official Response to the Democratic Party&;s Commercial: Disingenuous or Stupid?

* Buckeye State Blog reports that . Great work, Jerid!

* In Illinois, and got Democratic challengers. IL-11 did them one better, , but also saw the birth of a grassroots activist organization. Oh yeah, might resign this November too.

* .


* From Texas: .

* I&;m sure you&;re dying to know who ;s Man is the White House in 2008.

* Will in NC-10? At the least it is a reminder that Big Brother may be watching you, but you can also watch Big Brother.

* You know you&;re in trouble as attention goes up, your numbers go down... "". Here a Missouri , too.

* Pres. Bush is coming to town, so challenger .

* Find out what says to the conservative faithful in this fun diary retelling a protest, counter-protest and campaign event.

* .

* Republicans are spending money trying to discipline Republicans on Iraq War votes. Here&;s the news from , , and .

* ; Week From Hell Continues. Enough of these weeks, it&;ll turn into a horrible year. .

* Heard about that Sen. Coburn (R) vs. Sen. Nelson feud? .

About our Party

* There&;s lots of this week about South Dakota returning.

* In Michigan the big news is, .

* The is one year away and there was a big kickoff event. Alas, Senator Salazar was afraid of a blogger with questions.

* From Iowa, a word about that exercise.

* Depressing if true... .

* Mooncat kicks off an interesting series, profiling the Alabama delegation. gets the treatment first.

* Learn about the flank of the Bush Dog campaign .


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