50-State Blog Roundup

This is going to be a long weekend, and there are lots of great
stories from around the blogosphere to keep you busy. In honor
of the Labor Day holiday, we will start off with some posts about
workers. This week's roundup is brought to you by Mooncat of
. If
any blogs were
accidentally left out, be assured that it's due to incompetence
rather than malice.

Utah In Utah, Tower mine co-owner
Bob Murray has . Wasatch Watcher's marshall has the
story. Way to celebrate Labor day, Mr.

Wisconsin Uppity Wisconsin is looking
at as a good opportunity for activists concerned about
factory farms to get organized. Georgia
MoreLights to task for not using its money, power and
influence to ensure the workers at its contractor's warehouse are
treated fairly and justly.


On Blogs and Media, Rights and Other Stuff

Colorado and calling liberal blogs hate
groups. It's time to push back.

The biggest news out of Iowa is the . The case will
be appealed to the state supreme court, but it's a start!

In Louisiana, Foster Campbell Goes ...

Congressman Steve Rothman and explains why the SCHIP program is

New York Inspired by the 50 State Blog

TXSharon a
professor upside the head at TexasChaos for insinuating that if oil
companies can't drill in her backyard, the terrorists have


Bobby Muller of Veterans for
America challenges Arizona Senator John Kyl to , by voting for the Tauscher Bill which would
give them a fair deployment policy.

Zappatero wonders where will come down on the troop surge in Iraq.
Will they listen to their consciences or listen to the

Indiana Rep. Steve "Nuke 'em
All" Buyer told Sen. Richard Lugar and the rest of the GOP to and be quiet about the Iraq War. Blue Indiana questions whether
Buyer has a leg to stand on when it comes to foreign relations. Maine Mike Nutter points out that
took a stand to end the war. Way to keep the
pressure on!

Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire expects for reducing troops in
Iraq. phillydem hopes Altmire makes the connection between the
billions spent in Iraq and the lack of money to help flood victims in
his own district.

While aging politicians argue over the
definition of "success" in a surge, Fake Consultant at

reminds us poignantly that young men and women are still being parted
from their families.

On Holding Electeds

On the second anniversary of
Hurricane Katrina, tparty gives Senator Chris Dodd kudos for working
to , but Connecticut's other
Senator, Joe Lieberman, only gets a lump of


A of a state fair fan with some interesting information
about Governor Pawlenty and his minion, Lt. Governor Carol

Missouri Activist judges are in the
eye of the beholder. Howard Beale says the to overturn a
recent court decision on campaign finance.

Hampshire In New Hampshire, Dean Barker
wants to make sure does not get a free pass for
supporting Alberto Gonzales long after most of us realized he might
not be the right man for the job.

At Free State Politics, we of Open Left's Bush Dog campaign in the state of

New Jersey A Blue Jersey diarist
questions Rep. Rob Andrews (D-1) for Chertoff as Attorney General, asking "Is Rob
Andrews Serious?" DocHoc thinks Oklahoma instead of doves.
Really now, doves are much easier for Republicans to

Ohio Ohio's Blue Dog Reps
Charlie Wilson (OH-6) and Zach Space (OH-18) are

Virginia At , Rob outs another Republican flip-flopper.

West Virginia Carnacki after he crashed his
political future on the shoals of hypocrisy.


Alabama After an ,
Mooncat thinks he is a very good challenger for Republican Jo Bonner
in AL-04.

California In California, David Dayen
reports that in the
Republican primary. How sad.

PrairieStateBlue is trying to put
together a , do you have suggestions? Do you want
to try it in your state or district?

David says . Polling indicates this one is about
to get interesting.

Montana Vote by mail looks to be in a Missoula city election. Jay Stevens has the

New Mexico In New Mexico, prominent
local progressive blogs back begun the campaign to help defeat Republican members of Congress in
President Bush's pocket.

Two are going at it for the gubernatorial
nomination. Anglico has the story, but wishes one of them would
enter the Senate race instead.


Florida Politics counts the ways
. Of course, the possible loss
of presidential delegates to the party conventions is another

Georgia goes to Vietnam - 30 years too

Michigan Wingnut group wants to .. they're threatening a recall before the
tax vote even happens.

Texas The Texas GOP straw poll Sept
1 is , reflecting the party's declining

Vermont Last, but definitely not least, in


September 1, 2007 - 11:04am