18 Families Finance Campaign to Repeal the Estate Tax

You know the estate tax?  The one that the Republicans keep insisting on referring to as the "Death Tax"? The one that we needed to repeal so that poor familiy farmers and small businesses wouldn't lose everything that the family worked so hard for (or so everyone keeps saying)? Even people like Bill Gates Sr. and Paul Newman - you know, the "little people" - are appalled by all of this and think that the estate tax is a good idea.

Well, Gee Golly - it turns out that t - some of the richest families in the country. I dunno about you, but none of the family farmers I know are in much danger these days of having to pay an estate tax when they die - they're mostly worried if their kids are going to be able to afford to eat.  Likewise most of the small business owners I know (myself included). So it really does turn out that all of this foofram was being funded by a very small number of people who stand to benefit the most - despite the fact that it would have a huge economic effect on the country.

This keeps happening - we keep getting all kinds of reform that is supposed to be good for everyone - but the tax reform always seems to mostly benefit people who can afford the taxes in the first place. Personally I don't mind paying my taxes - it's always seemed like it's my duty.  But I liked it a lot better when I could at least maintain the illusion that the rich people were paying their fair share as well. 


April 25, 2006 - 6:36pm